When a person gets hitched the Armenian brides frequently get jealous when they think that their foreign partners have children. They think that just a true Armenian can have children. Therefore they come program ways to control the new borns and spoil their lives.

I know some women who think they will head to Syria and be “aliens” and live in the desert with the children. There is no doubt that these mothers of children, live a difficult life. But they should not put their lives in risk for a thing they do not believe in.

These “aliens” will kidnap and rasurado and sell the young girls. They are the moms who have no idea of what is happening for their babies. When you hear all their screams, you sees what life is like. You should warn these people and actually tell them to save themselves and the children.

They will kidnap this adolescent bride of course, if they know about her hope and chivalry they will place their lives at risk also. These children will be raped and purchased into slavery or prostitution.

These children will be invested different types of teaching camps where they will experience different types of torture. Many of them are raped and tormented. Many have been completely burned with hot iron supports or electrocuted.

Some of them had been forced to struggle each other and once they fail they shall be sold to several types of masters. They take the kids away from their mothers. The child is taught being defiant and has to do no matter the master tells him or her.

They shall be beaten and terrorized by soldiers. You will have severe beatings, almost all of the children will probably be underweight and plenty of will very likely be highly sick. The moment this is over the children will probably be sold to other masters, a similar thing as they had been in Syria.

These kids will be purchased into slave traders’ camps, where they will be used to slave traders. They are some of the most severe items they can perform to their infants. If you start to see the child it is black and blue and it will cry a lot.

Some of these children who will be taken out of the United States will probably be sold to everywhere. The price usually is very high and the child will very likely be highly weak.

If you would like to protect yourself and your family in the genocide there are numerous ways. You can hire a lawyer to help you along with your situation. You can also talk to your school counselors.

This may sound like a hard thing to do but you have to do that. I hope you will please armenian marriage agency consider this all and determine what is effectively for you and your family.

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